“Teacher of the Year 2015/16”

Kai Hockerts (CBS) receives “Teacher of the Year 2015/16” Award from PMSD Students (2015-17)

During the SDC Workshop, taking place at CBS in August 2016, Kai Hockerts (CBS) has been awarded the “Teacher of the Year” Award granted by the PMSD students. Kai teaches and coordinates the course “Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, that runs in the spring semester at PMSD.

The main reason for the students’ choice is “ … his passionate spirit combined with his ability to provide interesting and lively classes that encourage everyone to participate. Another reason is Kai’s talent for capturing the essence of business and social entrepreneurship, as well as presenting course requirements and expectations in a clear and well-structured manner.” (student cohort 2015-17) Using innovative teaching strategies, he has managed to handle the multi-cultural classroom in an excellent manner.