Title: Dr. /Asst. Prof.
Home institution: Tsinghua University, School of Public Policy and Management

Haidian District, Beijing, China.

+86-10-62788626, Zhou_yuan@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn

SDC Research field: Innovation Management
SDC research project(s): Global Innovation Networks and Sustainable Energy
Project partner(s) in Denmark: Stine Haakonsson

Rasmus Lema

Julia Kirch Kirkegaard

Ulrich Elmer Hansen

Overall research interests: Global Innovation, Innovation Policy (instruments and assessment), Technology Commercialization, Technology Forecasting and Assessment, Patent Analysis.
Publications: 1.       Zhou, Y., Li, X., Lema, R., & Urban F., (2015). Comparing the knowledge bases of wind turbine firms in Asia and Europe: patent trajectories, networks, and globalization. Science and Public Policy. doi: 10.1093/scipol/scv055.

2.       Lema, R., Sagar, A., & Zhou, Y., (2015). Convergence or Divergence? Wind Power Innovation Paths in Europe and Asia. Science and Public Policy. doi: 10.1093/scipol/scv049.

3.       Zhou, Y., Xu, G., Minshall, T., & Liu P., (2015). How do Public Demonstration Projects Promote Green-Manufacturing Technologies? A Case Study from China. Sustainable Development. Vol. 23, 217–231.

4.       Zhou, Y., Zhang, H., & Ding M., (2015). How public demonstration projects affect the emergence of new industries: an empirical study of electric vehicles in China. Innovation: Management, Policy, and Practice, 17(2), 1-23.

5.       Li, X., Zhou., Y.*, Xue, L., & Huang, L. (2015). Integrating bibliometrics and roadmapping methods: a case of dye-sensitized solar cell technology-based industry in China. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Vol. 97, 205-222.

6.       Xu, G., Zhou, Y.*, Xu, L., & Li, S. (2014). Effects of control in open innovation: an empirical study of university-industry cooperation in China. Int. J. Technology, Policy and Management. 14(4): 346-363.

7.       Zhou, Y.*, & Minshall, T. (2014). Building global products and competing in innovation: the role of Chinese university spin–outs and required innovation capabilities. International Journal of Technology Management, 64(2), 180-209.

Non-academic research partners: National Development and Reform Commission in China, Chinese Academy of Engineering, etc.