Chinese name: 刘叶
Title: Dr.
Home institution: Post doc of Zhejiang University, Lecturer of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology  Cell phone:+8618698575199

SDC Research field: Innovation Management: Collaborative Innovation

Public Management and Social Development :Entrepreneurial  University and Entrepreneurship Education, Technology and Education Policy

SDC research project(s):


 Globalization of Entrepreneurial Innovation.


The project focuses on people’s entry and participation in entrepreneurial and innovative activity in new and existing enterprises, on organization of activity and enterprises, as embedded in networks around enterprises and entrepreneurs and in institutions and systems in society, and on performance outcomes, notably innovation and innovation-related exporting and expectations for job-creation and growth. – The design is multi-level, e.g. analyzing micro-level activity in macro-level contexts of culture and social institutions, and often compares China to other societies, and is often longitudinal by tracking development of innovation in China. – Data are mainly from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, GEM, which since 2001 has conducted annual surveys, now covering China and 100+ other societies, with measures of national institutional framework conditions, measures of adults’ attitudes and involvement in entrepreneurship and innovation, and measures of entrepreneurs’ and enterprises’ attributes, networking and innovation and innovation-related activities.


Project partner(s) in China: Ye LIU, Lecturer, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology


Project partner(s) in Denmark: Thomas Schøtt, Professor, University of Southern Denmark,
SDC teaching involvement: Organizational Behavior; Public Administration; Logic; Non-profit Organizational Management
Overall research interests: Entrepreneurial University and Organizational Behavior; Technology and Education Policy in China and Comparative Higher Education; Entrepreneurship Education; Collaborative Innovation

Current issues (Related):

1.       Project manager. Research on the Formative Mechanism and Developmental Pathways of Entrepreneurial Universities, Sponsored by the Ministry of Education in China.

2.       Project manager. Research on the Evolution Mechanism and Practices of Entrepreneurial Universities, Sponsored by the Social Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province.

3.       Project manager. Research on the Implications of Construction of  

       Collaborative Innovation Platform of Research Universities in China,

       Sponsored by the Post doctoral Foundation Committee in China.

Publications: 1.         YeLiu, Exploring the “ Chinese Characteristics and Evolution Path” of Entrepreneurial University—On the Academic Entrepreneurship of Three Research Universities in China, Research in Higher Education of Engineering, 2014(03):44-49.

2.         YeLiu, The Modern Transition of Reform and Reconstruction of Talents Training Mode for Nature Science Disciplines—Exploring the Training Mode of Nonlinear Thinking Initially, Research in Higher Education of Engineering, 2015(05):132-137.

3.         YeLiu, Does Entrepreneurial University Really Exist in China?—A Case from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Journal of Knowledge-based Innovation in China, Vol. 4 Iss: 2 pp. 88 – 103 .

4.         YeLiu,Cultural Review and Reconstruction of Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation, Research in Educational Development, 2010(03):18-22.

5.         YeLiu, The Development Path of Entrepreneurial University—A Case from University of Warwick, Higher Education Development and Evalution, 2010(05):85-92.

6.         YeLiu, Creating Academic-oriented Entrepreneurial University—on the Way of Integrating Humboldt Ideal and Academic Capitalism, Research in Higher Education of Engineering, 2011(01):73-77.

7.         YeLiu, The Changing Path of Western Universities in the Wave of Academic Capitalism– Rational Selection Based on the Traditional Mission and Reality Demands, Higher Education Exploration, 2011(02):29-33.

8.         YeLiu, Xiaodong Zou, Towards the “Entrepreneurial University Model”—the Chinese Way—Evidence from Three Top Research Universities in China, Helice Issue-12, Vol. 4 (2015), online.

9.         YeLiu, Xiaodong Zou, Improving the Quality of Talents Training for Nature Science Disciplines:the Pathways of Thinking Transformation,Research in Higher Education of Engineering,forthcoming.

Scheduled activities 2016: The schedule for 2016 is to complete and submit, to an international journal, this manuscript:


LIU Ye, and T. Schøtt. People becoming entrepreneurs in China: Increasing inclusion of women, educated and adults. In preparation for submission to an international journal.


During 2016, the collaborators may begin one more article, to be coauthored for an international journal.