Xuzhong QIN

Title: PhD Candidate
Home institution: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), School of Management

No. 80 Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.C

+8618010128978;  qinxuzhong1989@163.com

SDC Research field: Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
Innovation Management & Small‐medium Enterprises (SMEs)
SDC research project(s):  Research on Corporate Social Responsibility of Small and Medium Enterprises – Based on a comparative analysis between China and Denmark


What are the current development situations and Corporate social performance of Chinese and Danish SMEs? What are the differences?
Which elements cause the differences between Chinese and Danish SMEs in terms of shouldering CSR?  Which one is most important (Political system, role of government, culture, economic status, residents’ human quality & education, and so on)?


How about the relations between SMEs and their stakeholders? What motivates SMEs to engage in CSR and what decision-making process drives the CSR practices of SMEs? How can shouldering CSR improve the performance and growth of SMEs.

What are the implications for promoting Chinese SMEs to shoulder CSR and improve their CSP? What can Chinese government and SMEs learn from Denmark?

Project partner(s) in China: Hong Zhao, vice dean of school of Economics and Management, UCAS


Project partner(s) in Denmark: Lars Bo Kaspersen

University of Copenhagen

Overall research interests: Research interests include Corporate social responsibility (CSR), especially CSR in small-medium enterprises (SMEs), brand management and innovation management.


Publications: Zhao Hong, Qin Xuzhong, Xie Lincan, Measuring corporate social performance in the Chinese automobile industry,Journal of Sustainable Mobility[J], Accepted

Qin Xuzhong, Wang Zongshui, Zhao Hong, SMEs Being “stuck-in-the-middle”: Based on Perspective of Enterprise’s Performance and Growth, Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship [J], 2015 (2)(In Chinese)

Li Cuiling, Qin Xuzhong, Zhao Hong, An Empirical Research on Impact Factors of Tourism Destination Brand Loyalty and Total Impression: Evidence from Changji Region in Xinjiang, Management Review [J], Accepted (In Chinese)

Qin Xuzhong, Wang Zongsui, Zhao Hong, Lars Bo Kaspersen, The Focus and Frontier of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Co-Word Analysis of Articles in SSCI, 2001-2014, Nankai Business Review International[J], Accepted


Scheduled activities 2016: Make a comparative research between Chinese SMEs and Danish SMEs in the University of Copenhagen.