Chinese name: 肖潇
Title: Dr.
Home institution: Copenhagen Business School, Department of IT Management

Howitzvej 60, 4th Floor, Frederiksberg 2000, Denmark

xxi.itm@cbs.dk, 0045 41852148

SDC Research field: Innovation Management
SDC research project(s):


ICT Innovation in China: An Investigation of the Ecosystem

In this research project, we aim at establishing a holistic overview of the ICT innovation landscape in China: its characteristics, its structure, and various actors involved. We are interested in understanding how certain national wide ICT innovation projects in China (such as large-scale Internet datacentre) were initiated and evolved to date, and what facilitating and inhibiting factors are at play throughout the development process.


Project partner(s) in China: Jiang YU (余江)


Institute of Institute of Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Overall research interests: Xiao XIAO is an Assistant Professor at Copenhagen Business School, Department of IT Management.
She received her PhD in information systems from Washington State University, College of Business. Her main research area resides in the phenomenon of cloud computing, with a focus on the transition to the cloud from the perspectives of both customers and vendors. Other research interests of Xiao include qualitative research methodologies and ICT in emerging economies.
Publications: Yu, J., Xiao, X., & Zhang, Y. (2016).From concept to implementation: The development of the emerging cloud computing industry in China. Telecommunications Policy, 40 (2-3), 130-146
Scheduled activities 2016: Field work in Beijing