Stine Haakonsson

Title: Associate Professor, Principal Coordinator (SDC Social Science)
Home institution: Copenhagen Business School

Porcelænshaven 24A, st, 2000 F

Phone: +45 38153124; mail:

SDC Research field: Innovation Management

Public Management and Social Development

SDC research project: Global Innovation Networks and Sustainable Energy
Project partner(s) in China Zhou Yuan, Associate Professor, Tsinghua

YiXin Dai, Associate Professor, Tsinghua

Kong Xinxin, CASTED, Ministry of Science and Technology (currently based in Canada)

Liu Xielin, Professor, UCAS

Lv Ping, Associate Professor, UCAS

Project partner(s) in Denmark: Rasmus Lema, Associate Professor, Aalborg

Julia Kirch Kirkegaard, Post Doc, DTU Risø

NN, PhD Fellow, Aalborg

Ulrich Elmer Hansen, DTU, UNEP

SDC Teaching involvement Internship supervision

MA thesis supervision

Overall research interests My research is on current restructuring of industries and firms at the global level (outsourcing, off shoring, engagement in global value chains). In particular: The restructuring of innovation and R&D activities into global innovation networks, GINs; The role of emerging markets (China, India, Brazil, South Africa) in these emerging GINs; The consequences of these new network constructs for EU and the emerging markets respectively; Technology transfer and capability building related to renewable energy. In addition to this I am also looking at the institutional frameworks governing globalisation processes (World Trade Organisation (e.g. the TRIPs Agreement), UNFCCC, World Bank), and their impact for globalisation of knowledge intensive industries.
Publications Haakonsson, S. J., & Ujjual, V. (2015). Internationalisation of R&D: New insights into multinational enterprises’ R&D strategies in emerging markets. Management Revue, 26(2).

Haakonsson, S.H., Kirkegaard, J.K. (forthcoming, accepted): Configuration of Technology Networks in the Wind Turbine Industry. A Comparative Study of Technology Management Models in European and Chinese Lead Firms. International Journal of Technology Management.

Slepniov, D., Lassen, A. H., Haakonsson, S. J., & McKelvey, M. (2015). Understanding innovation spaces through emerging multinational enterprises in China: an explorative case study of a Chinese Wind turbine manufacturer. In Innovation Spaces in Asia, 103-123.

Non-academic research partners Grundfos, Vestas, Novozymes
Scheduled activities 2016 2016  Spring: We will have a joint paper development workshop in Beijing. Getting our current papers ready for publication and an overview of what we need more for new papers.

2016 Fall: Application for network funding to co-organize a conference in China 2017. Possible to apply for 200.000 from the DK government for network activities.

2016 Fall: Joint research stay in Beijing, visit companies and institutions for interviews.

2017: Conference, SDC new building (?). Invite all relevant scholars 