Shahamak Rezaei

Title: Associate Professor
Home institution: Roskilde University, Department of Society & Globalisation

Building 25.3, DK-4000 Roskilde

+45 4092 2986;

SDC Research field: Innovation Management
SDC research project(s): Project title: Globalization of Entrepreneurial Innovations in China and Denmark

The main focus of the project maintains to be the development of new theoretical and empirical contributions to the field of transnational entrepreneurship (i.e. Argonauts) but the project recognizes the need to build up comparative knowledge on entrepreneurs’ innovative activities in China and Denmark in general (benchmarked with global patterns) to have an empirical foundation for identifying the specific patterns characterizing the transnational entrepreneurial innovation activities. More comprehensively, our agenda focuses on people’s entry and participation in entrepreneurial and innovative activity in new and existing enterprises, on organization of activity and enterprises, as embedded in networks around enterprises and entrepreneurs and in institutions and systems in society, and on performance outcomes, notably innovation and innovation-related exporting and expectations for job-creation and growth. – The design is multi-level, e.g. analyzing micro-level activity in macro-level contexts of culture and social institutions, and is comparative, e.g. comparing China to other societies, and is often longitudinal, e.g. tracking development of innovation in China. – Data are mainly from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, GEM, which since 2001 has conducted annual surveys, now covering 100+ societies (including mainland China), with measures of national institutional framework conditions, measures of adults’ attitudes and involvement in entrepreneurship and innovation, and measures of entrepreneurs’ and enterprises’ attributes, networking and innovation and innovation-related activities.

Project partner(s) in China: Prof. & Dean You Jianxin (Shanghai Uni. Dep. of Management),

Prof. & Vice Dean Chen Yizeng (Shanghai Uni. Dep. of Management),

Assoc. Prof. Yan Zhao, (Shanghai Uni. Dep. of Management),

Assoc. Prof. Wang Jiabao, (Shanghai Uni. Dep. of Management),

Assist. Prof. Yan Hui (Shanghai Uni. Dep. of Management)

– former partner Professor Ying Lowrey (Tsinghua Uni.)

Project partner(s) in Denmark: Associate Professor Jan Vang (AAU),

Professor Thomas Schøtt (SDU),

Associate Professor Kent W Jensen (SDU),

Assistant Professor Rasmus G. Bertelsen (AAU).

Former members: PhD student Yue Bao (RUC),

PhD student Maya Hussain-Engberg (RUC).

SDC Teaching involvement Have been involved as supervisor for several Public Management & Social Development students in connection with their “Internship report” as well as “Master Thesis”.
Overall research interests Has research focus on Migration, Global Entrepreneurship, Globally born SMEs, Migrant Entrepreneurship, Transnational Entrepreneurship, Economic Consequences of Migration, Informal Economic Activities, Industrial Relations and Comparative Welfare State Analysis.
Publications FORTHCOMING:

FORTHCOMING Accepted Book Chapter: Jensen, W., K., Rezaei, S., Schøtt, T.: “Talent among Chinese Entrepreneurs at Home and Abroad: In “Entrepreneur and Talent Management from a Global Perspective: Chinese Returnees”, to be published by Edward Elgar.

FORTHCOMING: Accepted: Jensen, W., K.., Rezaei, S., Ashourizadeh, S., Schøtt, T., “Competencies benefiting innovation: Entrepreneurs in China and in the Chinese diaspora”, Based on GEM data, Special Issue on Transnational Entrepreneurship IJBG, 2015.

FORTHCOMING: Accepted: Ashourizadeh, S., Rezaei, S., Jensen, W., K.., Schøtt, T., “People’s competencies benefiting careers in entrepreneurship: Adults in China and in the Chinese diaspora”, Based on GEM data, Special Issue on Transnational Entrepreneurship IJBG, 2015.

FORTHCOMING Accepted: Rezaei, S., Marques, D., “Returnees, knowledge spillovers and the family’s role in international migration – Brazilian Case study”, Special Issue on Transnational Entrepreneurship IJBG, 2015.


2015:                  Book Review by Rezaei, S., “International Handbook on Migration and Economic Development”, Edited by Robert E.B. Lucas (2014), Edward Elgar Publishing, USA. ISBN 978-1-78254-806-5. In: European Planning Studies, Routledge, Vol. 23, No. 11, pp. 2327-2329, ISSN: 0965-4313, Taylor & Francis Group, UK. DOI:

Book Review by Rezaei, S., “The International Handbook on Gender, Migration and Transnationalism: Global and Development Perspectives”, edited by Laura Oso and Natalia Ribas-Mateos (2015), Edward Elgar, USA. ISBN: 978-1-78254-772-3. In: European Planning Studies, Routledge, ISSN: 0965-4313, Taylor & Francis Group, UK. DOI:

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2014:                  Rezaei, S., “Editorial”, Solidarity & Entrepreneurship: ‘Together, we benefit – Divided, we fall’, International Journal of Business and globalization, Special Issue, Vol. 13, 4, 2014.

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Jensen, W., K., Rezaei, S., Wherry, F., “Cognitive effects on entrepreneurial intentions: A comparative study of Chinese Émigrés and Non-Émigrés – Based on GEM data”, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business. Vol.23. Special Issue on Cultural Entrepreneurship (1/2, 2014).

Schøtt, T., Cheraghi, M., Rezaei, S., Vang, J., “Innovation embedded in entrepreneurs’ networks in private and public spheres: A global study focusing on China and Denmark”, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business. Vol.23.Special Issue (1/2, 2014).

Ashourizadeh, S., Rezaei, S., Schøtt, T. & Brambini-Pedersen, J.V., Entrepreneur’s human and social capital: diect and reinforcing benefits for export, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Vol. 21, 2, 2014.

2012:                  Rezaei, S., et. al, “Gender and Family in Transnational Entrepreneurship”, Int. J. Business and globalization, Vol. 8, No. 3, 2012, ISSN-1753-3635.

Non-academic research partners Have been working with Professor Huiyao Wang Director for China Center for Globalization (CCG) since 2011/12 and this collaboration has led to a forthcoming Edward Elgar book publication and access to data for a former Ph.D. student.
Scheduled activities 2016 Shahamak Rezaei has been appointed by Antje Vetterlein and Stine Haakonsson as internship supervisor and Master Thesis supervisor for several SDC students and has conducted a number of SDC related examination.

 He has been involved in SDC since the very beginning in 2009/2010 and SDC activities in his research group has experienced a significant boost and thereby an increase in the output during the past years and significantly since 2013. The group has also initiated several activities in collaboration with Chinese partners at Shanghai University, Department of Management. In general his planned activities for 2016 is to continue research and supervising/teaching activities as well as publication output similar to previous years.