Sarah Swider

Title: Associate professor
Home institution: Copenhagen University

Department of Sociology


Phone: +45 35 33 33 18

WeChat ID: sswider

SDC Research field: Public Management and Social Development
SDC research project(s):


Migrants, Housing and the impact of Inequality in Beijing’s Dual Housing Market
Project partner(s) in China: 李君甫 Junfu LIProfessor

School of Humanities and Social Science, Beijing University of Technology

Project partner(s) in Denmark:
SDC teaching involvement: Co-teach ‘Research Methods’ PMSD. Supervise master’s theses and internships.
Publications: Wang, H., Zhu, P., Chen, X., & Swider, S. (2017). Land expropriation in urbanizing China: an examination of negotiations and compensation. Urban Geography, 38(3), 401-419.

Peng, Lianqing, and Sarah Swider. “Migration and regional inequality: changing characteristics of China’s economic inequality.” Eurasian Geography and Economics1 (2017): 89-113.

Swider, Sarah. “Informal and Precarious Work: The Precariat and China (非正式和不稳定的工作: 不稳定型无产者和中国).” Rural China 1 (2017): 19-41.