Rony Medaglia

Title: Associate Professor
Home institution: Copenhagen Business School, Department of IT Management

+45 2479 4327;

SDC Research field: Innovation Management
SDC research project(s): Bi-lateral research collaboration: “Digital service innovation in the public sector in China

This research project aims at investigating the emerging phenomena experienced by public sector organizations in China in designing, implementing and managing Information an Communication Technology (ICTs) to improve service delivery. In particular, it focuses on the use of social media platforms by the Chinese public sector.

PhD project: “Cross-sector collaboration afforded by social media in achanging institutional environment in China”

This PhD projects aims at investigating how government agencies, universities, and businesses in China use social media as a platform to collaborate for envisioning and designing digital government services.

Project partner(s) in China: Associate Prof. Zheng Lei ( Assistant Dean and Director of the Lab for Digital and Mobile Governance at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIPRA), Fudan University, Shanghai.
SDC Teaching involvement Supervision of SDC financed PhD student Cancan Wang, Department of IT Management, Copenhagen Business School
Overall research interests

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Public sector information systems

Social media

Government digital services

Online deliberation

Publications Yang Yang; Rony Medaglia / Structural Changes in Online Discussion Networks : Evidence From a Case in China. In: Proceedings of The International Workshop of Information Technology and Internet Finance, Chengdu, China 25 June 2014. ed. /Karl Reiner Lang; Hong Sheng. Chengdu : Southwestern University of Finance and Economics [Chengdu, Sichuan] 2014

Cancan Wang; Rony Medaglia; Øystein Sæbø / Learning from E-Government:

A Framework and an Agenda for Social Media Research in IS. In: IFIP WG8.2 Organizations and Society in Information Systems (OASIS) 2015 Workshop.

Scheduled activities 2016 Project title: “Social media and citizen service provision in China”

Analysis of usage characteristics and success factors of digital service provision via social media in China.