Rasmus Lema

Title: Associate Professor
Home institution: Aalborg University, Department of Business and Management Frederikskaj 10B, 3 DK-2450 Copenhagen

+45 9940 2708; lema@business.aau.dk

SDC Research field: Innovation Management
SDC research project(s): Global Innovation Networks and Sustainable Energy
Project partner(s) in China: Joseph Zhou Yuan, Associate Professor, Tsinghua

YiXin Dai, Associate Professor, Tsinghua

Project partner(s) in Denmark: Stine Haakonsson, Ass. Prof., CBS

Julia Kirch Kirkegaard, Post Doc, DTU Risø

SDC Teaching: Innovation Management, Globalisation and Innovation.
Overall research interests: Global Value Chains and Innovation Networks

Innovation systems and Science and Technology Policy

Corporate Innovation Strategies in China

Sustainable Development

Economic linkages and knowledge transfer between China and Africa

Publications: Lema, R., Zhou, Y., & Sagar, A. (2015). Convergence or Divergence?: Wind Power Innovation Paths in Europe and rising Asia. Science and Public Policy. 10.1093/scipol/scv049

Lema, R., Berger, A., & Schmitz, H. (2013). China’s Impact on the Global Wind Power Industry. Journal of Current Chinese Affairs, 42(1), 37-69.

Berger, A., Fischer, D., Lema, R., Schmitz, H., & Urban, F. (2013). China–Europe Relations in the Mitigation of Climate Change: A Conceptual Framework. Journal of Current Chinese Affairs, 42(1), 71–98.

Lema, R., Berger, A., & Schmitz, H. (2012). China’s impact on the global wind power industry. Bonn: German Development Institute. (GDI Discussion Paper; No. 16, Vol. 2012).

Lema, R., Berger, A., Schmitz, H., & Song, H. (2011). Competition and Cooperation between Europe and China in the Wind Power Sector. (pp. 1-45). Institute of Development Studies. (IDS Working Papers; No. 377, Vol. 2011). 10.1111/j.2040-0209.2011.00377_2.x

Lema, R., & Lema, A. (2016). Technology transfer? The rise of China and India in green technology sectors. In T. Altenburg (Ed.), Sustainability-oriented Innovation Systems in China and India. (pp. 23-44). Chapter 3.Oxon, United Kingdom : Routledge, Taylor & Francis.

Scheduled activities 2016: Joint paper development workshop in Beijing.

Application for network funding to co-organize a conference in China 2017.

Joint research stay in Beijing, visit companies and institutions for interviews.