Peter Abrahamson

Title: Associate Professor
Home institution: University of Copenhagen, Department of Sociology

Øster Farimagsgade 5, DK-1353 Copenhagen K

+45 3532 3941;

SDC Research field: Public Management and Social Development
SDC Research project(s):  Comparing Welfare Policies in Scandinavia and East Asia

Within the framework of welfare regimes the study analyses the development of social policies, especially care policies, both services and transfers, between the two regions. It is emphasized that social policies cannot be readily be exported and, as such more function as inspiration than imitation. The focus is on care for the elderly with casework in Beijing and Copenhagen

Project partner(s) in China: Byung-Cheol Kim, Assistant Professor

Renmin University of China, School of Labor and Human Resource

SDC Teaching involvement: Social Polices and Welfare states (obligatory course in PMSD)

Master’s thesis supervision

Overall research interests: Comparative studies of welfare states across regions with a focus on poverty, social exclusion, care arrangements and the administration of welfare mixes. They involve considering labor market policies and organization, health care and education and political mobilization and alliances fighting for social citizenship within an historical-institutional framework
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Scheduled activities 2016: Comparing care in East Asia, Latin America and Southern Europe: fieldwork and data collection