Olav Jull Sørensen

Title: Professor
Home institution: Aalborg University, International Business Centre, Department of Business and Management

Fibigerstraede 4; 9220 Aalborg

+45 99 40 8322; +45 2163 8322; ojs@business.aau.dk

SDC Research field: Innovation Management
SDC research project(s): Internationalization, Organisation and Innovation.

The project aims to develop new theories and practices related to the increasing globalisation of R&D and innovation activities in general. Focus is on the internationalization process and especially on how innovation activities are organized. It is interesting to note that both developed and emerging markets argue for the importance of innovation but the rationales are different. Emerging markets aim at “catching-up” while developed countries aim at “keeping ahead”. The search for knowledge by emerging market companies seems to form the foundation for a theory of internationalization of emerging market companies

Project partner(s) in China: Primary partners are:

Professor LIU Xielin, UCAS

Associate Professor LI Jizhen, Tsinghua University

Project partner(s) in Denmark: Dmitrij Slepniov; HU Yimei, Jimmi N. Christiansen and David Schulzmann from the Innnovation Theme within the International Business Centre, Aalborg University.
SDC Teaching involvement Modules on the Innovation Management

Innovation and Internationalisation (courses and supervision)

The Innovation Value Chain (supervision)

Innovation Management Internships and Theses (supervision)

Overall research interests The overall research interests are:

-Internationalization of companies

-University-Industry Relations and Triple Helix relations

-Global Value Chain

The three topics have a focus on innovation activities

Publications Sørensen, OJ & Hu, Y 2014, ‘Triple Helix going abroad?: The case of Danish experiences in China’ European Journal of Innovation Management, vol 17, nr. 3., 10.1108/EJIM-04-2013-0033

Hu, Y & Sørensen, OJ 2013, ‘Exploring network organization in practice: the duality and triplicity of market, hierarchy and network’ Paper fremlagt ved CICALICS Workshop 2013, Beijing, Kina, 24/08/2013 – 25/08/2013,

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Hu, Y & Sørensen, OJ 2012, ‘Specifying Orchestrating Capability in Network Organization and Interfirm Innovation Networks’ Paper fremlagt ved Revisiting Internationalisation, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Danmark, 31/05/2012 – 02/06/2012,

Li, J, Deng, Q & Sørensen, OJ 2011, ‘Building National Innovation Platform in China: Theoetical exploration and empirical study’ Journal of Science and Technology Policy in China, vol 2, nr. 1, s. 58-78.

Sørensen, OJ & Dao, LT 2009, ‘Entrepreneurship and Strategic Options in a Development Context: The Case of a Garment Producer in Vietnam’. i H Schaumburg-Müller & C Pham Hong (red), The New Asian Dragon: Internationalization of Firms in Vietnam. Copenhagen Business School Press, København, s. 203-226.

Sørensen, OJ 2003, ‘Barriers to and Opportunities for Innovation in Developing Countries: The Case of Ghana’. i Muchie, Mammo : Gammeltoft, Peter : Lundvall, Bengt-Åke (red.), Putting Africa First : The Making of African Innovation Systems. Aalborg Universitetsforlag, Aalborg.

Non-academic research partners The project does not have long-term business partners, but companies are involved on a case-by-case basis + an upcoming survey of Danish companies.
Scheduled activities 2016 For 2016, a set of companies will be interviewed and combined with a survey of Danish companies, a conceptual framework for catching up and caching on will be developed.