Nis Høyrup Christensen

Title: Assistant Professor
Home institution: Copenhagen Business School, Department for International Economics and Management (Asia Research Center)

+45 2365 4220;

SDC Research field: Public Management and Social Development
SDC research project(s): The political economy of competition under state capitalism: Regulating China’s “strategic emerging industries”
SDC teaching involvement: 3rd semester coordinator at the PMSD
Overall research interests: The main focus of my research is state/market relations in China and how companies operate in a state capitalist system characterized by a strong state willingness and ability to allocate resources and intervene in market operations. I have for instance done research on China’s ability to shape markets (renewable energy) through state interferences. Of particular interest is how market institutions are transformed in this particular setting and how foreign companies adapt to these changes. My theoretical ambition is to develop neoinstitutional theories by exposing them to the particular Chinese context characterized by a strong state dominated setting.
Scheduled activities 2016: Research trip to Beijing, fall 2016