Title: Ph.D candidate
Home institution: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences , College of Humanities and Social Sciences

No.19A Yuquan Road, Beijing 100049,China,

SDC Research field: Social Science         
SDC research project(s):


 The Legitimacy Of Policy-relevant Science in Public Decision-Making: a comparison of the Universal Salt Iodization Policy in Denmark and China


Despite the centrality of science and technology to modern governance, how knowledge is dynamically constructed and applied in the search for meaning, design and implementation of policy in modern societies is still unclear.The work to open the black-box of the micro-practices of the knowledge-making in public decision, which was seen as highly specialized, routinized, opaque and unreflexive (Jasanoff , 2011) is important. These practices which illustrate deeply institutionalized modes of achieving pragmatic closures around epistemic claims and controversies are also the legitimate process of the policy-relevant science.Through an anthropology approach of the expertise-making of the Universal Salt Iodization Policy, I want to explore and compare the co-production of science and politics in contemporary China and Denmark.


Project partner(s) in China: Shang zhicong, professor, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,


Project partner(s) in Denmark: Klaus Lindgaard Høyer, professor, University of Copenhagen,

Overall research interests: Expertise and Public Policy, Anthropology of Science (including issues of legitimacy,expertise, trust, and collaboration)

Chinese Studies, especially the Universal Salt Iodization Policy in China

• Public engagement in science, governance, and decision-making

• Public understanding of science


Scheduled activities 2016: 2016.04.01——2016.09.30, visiting PHD student in University of Copenhagen,