Jizhen LI

Title: Associate Professor
Home institution: Tsinghua University, Dept of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy.


SDC Research field: Innovation Management
SDC research project(s): Globalization of Entrepreneurial Innovation.

The project focuses on people’s entry and participation in entrepreneurial and innovative activity in new and existing enterprises, on organization of activity and enterprises, as embedded in networks around enterprises and entrepreneurs and in institutions and systems in society, and on performance outcomes, notably innovation and innovation-related exporting and expectations for job-creation and growth. – The design is multi-level, e.g. analyzing micro-level activity in macro-level contexts of culture and social institutions, and often compares China to other societies, and is often longitudinal by tracking development of innovation in China. – Data are mainly from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, GEM, which since 2001 has conducted annual surveys, now covering China and 100+ other societies, with measures of national institutional framework conditions, measures of adults’ attitudes and involvement in entrepreneurship and innovation, and measures of entrepreneurs’ and enterprises’ attributes, networking and innovation and innovation-related activities.

Project partner(s) in Denmark Thomas Schøtt

Kent Wickstrøm Jensen

Shayegheh Ashourizadeh

SDC Teaching involvement IM
Publications Schøtt, RUI Mu, LI Jizhen, GAO Jian. Institutionalization of a market in the provinces in China: Decreasing entry and increasing performance in entrepreneurship. Given at 5th Workshop on Asian Management and Entrepreneurship, Shanghai, 2015; and at CICALICS Workshop, August 2015. Submitted to an international journal, and now in review.

LI Jizhen, CHEN Zhijun and T. Schøtt. 2015. Innovation benefitting exporting: Benefit enhanced by transnational networking. International Journal of Business and Globalisation (in press).

Jensen, K.W., S.Rezaei, T.Schøtt, S.Ashourizadeh, & LI Jizhen. 2015. Chinese entrepreneurs’ human and social capital benefiting innovation: In China and Chinese diaspora. International Journal of Business and Globalisation. (in press).

Scheduled activities 2016 The schedule for 2016 is to complete and submit, to an international journal, this manuscript:

ZHANG Chuqing, LI Jizhen & T. Schøtt. What makes employees become hybrid entrepreneurs: Human and social capital. In preparation for submission to an international journal.

During 2016, the collaborators will expectedly begin more articles, to be coauthored for international journals.