Julia Kirch Kirkegaard

Title: Postdoc, PhD
Home institution: Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Wind Energy, VES, Risø Campus, mail: jukk@dtu.dk
SDC Research field: Innovation Management
SDC research project(s): Global Innovation Networks and Sustainable Energy
Project partner(s) in China:  Zhou Yuan, Associate Professor, Tsinghua

YiXin Dai, Associate Professor, Tsinghua

Kong Xinxin, CASTED, Ministry of Science and Technology (currently based in Canada)

Liu Xielin, Professor, UCAS

Li Ping, Associate Professor, UCAS

Project partner(s) in Denmark: Stine Haakonsson, Associate Professor, CBS

Rasmus Lema, Associate Professor, Aalborg

Ulrich Elmer Jensen, Researcher, UNEP and DTU

NN, PhD Fellow (SDC financed), Aalborg

Overall research interests: Wind power
Publications: Kirkegaard, J. K. (2015): Ambiguous Winds of Change – or Fighting Against Windmills in Chinese Wind Power. PhD Dissertation, CBS 2015. PhD series 05.2015.

Haakonsson, S.H., Kirkegaard, J.K. (forthcoming, accepted): Configuration of Technology Networks in the Wind Turbine Industry. A Comparative Study of Technology Management Models in European and Chinese Lead Firms. International Journal of Technology Management.