John Parm Ulhøi

Title: Professor
Home institution: Aarhus University, Department of Management

Bartholins Allé 10, 8000-Aarhus, Denmark

+45 871 65027;



SDC Research field:


Innovation Management



SDC research project(s):


Employee involvement in innovation, Employee-driven innovation


Project partner(s) in China:


Zhihua Qin, Prof, Renmin University

Song, Lynda, Ass Prof., Renmin University

Overall research interests:  


Organizational Behavior

Organizational routines


Bøe-Lillegraven, S, Ulhøi, JP (2016). Managing Routines by Influencing Individual Understandings. Paper presented at the Aom 2016 Meeting, 5-9 August, 2016, Anaheim, USA

Kesting, P, Ulhøi, JP, Song, LJ, Niu, H (2015). The impact of leadership styles on innovations: A review, accepted by International Journal of Innovation Management, 4(4), 22-41.

Ulhøi, J.P. (2012) Modes and orders of market entry: revisiting innovation and imitation strategies. Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, 24(1), 37-50


Scheduled activities 2016:

Research with partner and PhD-project continues