Jason Li-Ying

Title: Associate Professor
Home institution: Technical University of Denmark, DTU Management Engineering Department, Division of Technology and Innovation Management
SDC Research field: Innovation Management
SDC research project(s): Project 1: How does external technology search become balanced for innovations? Towards an elastic band theory

Project 2: The hidden moderator – The role of “ghost” in intra-firm R&D online communities

Project partner(s) in China: 1.       Tsinghua University (Beijing), School of Economics and Management: Prof. Dr. Jin Chen

2.       Sichuan University, Business School of Sichuan University in Chengdu: Associate Professor Dr. Yuandi Wang

3.       Shanghai Jiaotong Univerisity (Shanghai), School of Mechanical Engineering: Assistant Professor Dr. Zhinan Zhang

Overall research interests Jason Li-Ying’s research and teaching interests include technology & innovation management, innovation and organizational learning, strategic management, and technology transfer. Besides his excellence in research and education, Jason also has extensive experience in innovation strategy and business development for SMEs by acting as strategic advisors for a number of innovative companies. He also has an excellent track record in teaching, coaching, and supervising EMBA students and teaching courses at Master and PhD level program in product design innovation, innovation management, and business strategy at Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Jason is also visiting professor at University of Management and Economics (ISM) in Lithuania, a faculty member of DTU Executive School of Business, and a faculty member for the ‘Eurotech Universities’ with respect to the Innovation Economics PhD program.
Publications Wang, Y. and Li-Ying, J. (2015). Licensing foreign technology and the moderating role of local R&D collaboration: Extending the relational view. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 32(6): 997-1013.

Wang, Y. and Li-Ying, J., and Chen, J. (2015). Technology licensing in China. Science and Public Policy, 42: 293-299.

Li-Ying, J. and Wang, Y. (2015). Find them home or abroad? The relative contribution of international technology in-licensing to the ‘indigenous innovation’ in China. Long Range Planning, 48(3), 123-134.

Li-Ying, J., Wang, Y., & Salomo, S. (2014). An inquiry on external technology search through patent in-licensing and firms’ technological innovations: Evidence from China. R&D Management, 44(1): 53-74.

Wang, Y. and Li-Ying, J. (2014). When does inward technology licensing facilitate firms’ NPD performance? A contingency perspective, Technovation, 34(1): 44-53.

Scheduled activities 2016 Further collaboration with Chinese partners with regard to Project 1