Jan Vang

Title: Associate Professor
Home institution: Aalborg University – Copenhagen. Denmark


SDC Research field: Innovation Management
SDC research project(s): Globalization of Entrepreneurial Innovations in China and Denmark

The main focus of the project maintains to be the development of new theoretical and empirical contributions to the field of transnational entrepreneurship (i.e. Argonauts) but the project recognizes the need to build up comparative knowledge on entrepreneurs’ innovative activities in China and Denmark in general (benchmarked with global patterns) to have an empirical foundation for identifying the specific patterns characterizing the transnational entrepreneurial innovation activities. More comprehensively, our agenda focuses on people’s entry and participation in entrepreneurial and innovative activity in new and existing enterprises, on organization of activity and enterprises, as embedded in networks around enterprises and entrepreneurs and in institutions and systems in society, and on performance outcomes, notably innovation and innovation-related exporting and expectations for job-creation and growth. – The design is multi-level, e.g. analyzing micro-level activity in macro-level contexts of culture and social institutions, and is comparative, e.g. comparing China to other societies, and is often longitudinal, e.g. tracking development of innovation in China. – Data are mainly from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, GEM, which since 2001 has conducted annual surveys, now covering 100+ societies (including mainland China), with measures of national institutional framework conditions, measures of adults’ attitudes and involvement in entrepreneurship and innovation, and measures of entrepreneurs’ and enterprises’ attributes, networking and innovation and innovation-related activities.

Project partner(s) in Denmark (name, title, university + email): Associate Professor Jan Vang (AAU), Professor Thomas Schøtt (SDU), Associate Professor Kent W Jensen (SDU), Associate Professor (RUC), Shahamak Rezaei, Assistant Professor Rasmus G. Bertelsen (AAU). Former members: PhD student Yue Bao (RUC), PhD student Maya Hussain-Engberg (RUC).
Project partner(s) in China (name and institution): Prof. & Dean You Jianxin (Shanghai Uni. Dep. of Management), Prof. & Vice Dean Chen Yizeng (Shanghai Uni. Dep. of Management), Assoc. Prof. Yan Zhao, (Shanghai Uni. Dep. of Management), Assoc. Prof. Wang Jiabao, (Shanghai Uni. Dep. of Management), Assist. Prof. Yan Hui (Shanghai Uni. Dep. of Management) – former partner Professor Ying Lowrey (Tsinghua Uni.)
SDC Teaching involvement Currently not involved, interested in thesis supervision within my research filed.
Overall research interests I am primarily interested in innovation and the interaction between production and innovation in global production and innovation networks. Previously, I have worked with creative industries and service industries but currently I am mainly working with manufacturing industries. My more narrow research interest in on offshore outsourcing, supplier selection (for innovation) and supplier-driven innovation projects. Moreover, do I look at CSR among suppliers. In addition, I am looking into external sources of innovation in SMEs.
Publications Forthcoming: Reforming the governance of Chinese hospitals: Exploring the relevance of the networked governance approach, jointly with Annalisa Brambini and Christopher Dennis, in International Journal of Business and Globlization.

Innovation and networking among entrepreneurs across generations of Asian Tigers.: Academy of International Business Conference, Bengaluru, India, June 2015 (jointly with KW Jensen, T Schøtt and S Rezaei), conference paper.

Networks around indigenous and migrant entrepreneurs: XXXV Sunbelt Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis, 2015, jointly with KW Jensen and T Schøtt), conference paper.

Entrepreneurs’ human and social capital: Direct and reinforcing benefits for their exporting, Jointly with Ashourizadeh, S., Rezaei, S., Schøtt, T. & Vang, J. 2014 In : International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business. 21, 2, s. 246-267

Innovation embedded in entrepreneurs’ networks in private and public spheres: a global study focusing on China and Denmark, jointly with Schøtt, T., Cheraghi, M., Rezaei, S. & Vang, J. 2014 In : International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business. 23, 1/2, s. 145-167

Scheduled activities 2016 Participation in annual CICALICS meeting, supervision of thesis students.