Hilda Rømer Christensen

Title: Associate Professor, Head of Unit
Home institution: Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen

Oester Farimagsgade 5, DK 1014 Copenhagen K,


SDC Research field: Public Management and Social Development
SDC research project(s): Family Dynamics in Post-Industrial Societies.
Project partner(s) in Denmark:  Gendering China network – with Nordic and Danish researchers.

Prof. Hanne Petersen, KU

Associate Professor Bettina Hauge, DTU

Dr. Cecilia Miwertz, NIAS

Associate Professor Peter Abrahamsson, KU

Project partner(s) in China (name and institution): Professor Jihua Lu, Department of Sociology, Peking University

Professor Cheng Li, China Academy of Social Sciences

Professor Yifei Shen, Department of Sociology, Fudan University

Professor Yuan Ren, Department of Sociology, Fudan University

SDC Teaching involvement  Planning in progess.
Overall research interests I am interested in  Class Gender and New Lifestyles in Post-Socialist China, and how it compares to similar developments in the west. More specifically I study  how the politics of the new middle class home and new forms of mobility can be central and significant site for locating social and political developments over the last decades in China. The focus is on a diverse and entangled field of structural, symbolic, cultural and political practices and perceptions of middle class  and discursive ideas of the home and mobility.  The ideas is to  connect this  vital new knowledge of home and mobilities to practical developments and innovation projects  in both private and public institutions.
Publications Hilda Rømer Christensen, Cancan Wang, Bettina Hauge ( eds) : Gender Dynamics. Chinese and Nordic Perspectives. – Special volume of KKF/ Women, Gender and Research/  + Chinese edition with Shanghai Publishing House Press. ( 2014/primo 2015) with contributions from SDC related workshops in 2012 + 2013.  See http://www.soc.ku.dk/Forskning/dokument/chinese-nordic-perspectives/

Hilda Rømer Christensen: The Lure of car-culture. Gender, Class and Nation in 21st Century  Car-culture in China.  in  Women, Gender and Research.  2015  21  in KKF 1. 2015. Pp 123-134

Hilda Rømer Christensen: C’est le seul home de la Chine! Empress Dowager Cixi. The concubine who launched modern China.  (review)  2014. in Women, Gender and Research, in KKF 1. 2015. 2015.

Hilda Rømer Christensen: Shanghai tur-retur. Og et par pointer om køn, religion og modernitet. ( forthcoming 2016)

Tingenes tilstand i det ny Kina: den nye kinesiske middelklasse. In POLITIKO; Berlingske Tidende. 15.8.15 http://www.b.dk/kommentarer/middelklassen-og-det-nye-kina

Hilda Rømer Christensen: The Lure of car-culture in post socialist China. Gender, Class, and Nation. Presentation at   http://www.cosmobilities.net/2014/11/13/the-future-of-mobilities-flows-transport-and-communication/14-17 September 2015.

Hilda Rømer Christensen: From Kingdom of Bicycles to Land of the Car: Car Culture and Gender in Urban China. Fudan University. Shanghai. invited paper to Conference Global Transitions to Sustainable Production and Consumption Systems Fudan University, Shanghai, June 8, 2014. http://grf-spc.weebly.com/uploads/2/1/3/3/21333498/draft_2.3_book_of_abstracts_1may2014.pdf

Non-academic research partners  All China Women’s Federation, Beijing and Shanghai units +

Field work in  companies such as IKEA; Jysk,  VOLVO + BMW/Volkswagen Showrooms Beijing,   Giant + other bike stores, Beijin + transport planners etc.

Scheduled activities 2016 2015/2016:  prepare and launch a joint research network with the title:  Remaking middle class families welfare and sustainability, primarily with partners from the Institute of Sociology/ Social work and Anthropology at Peking University and at CASS in Beijing .The idea is to  set up a project  which addresses  global dynamics of production, consumption, welfare and sustainability from below.

Cross-sectional online survey of middle class families in the Beijing area in co-operation with colleagues from CASS ( ass- Zue Die) and PKU in Beijing

Prepare Horizon 2020 application with Chinese partners ( sustainable transport)