Henning Salling Olesen

Title: Professor
Home institution: Roskilde University
+45-46742672, Hso@ruc.dk
SDC Research field: Public Management and Social Development:
SDC research project(s): Theoretical issues of learning and culture(s) related with education and learning in a Danish/Chinese context:

The basic academic research on the cultural and subjective dimensions of learning will contribute to the basic theoretical knowledge about learning as social and cultural process. Empirical research contrasting Danish and Chinese learners will shed light on the differences in learning experience and learning strategies and their background in Chinese and Danish cultural background, societal opportunities, and the basic socialisation of individuals in each society. In turn this will provide a valuable input to the development of the general knowledge about learning.

Project partner(s) in China: Professor Jian Huang, East China Normal University, Director of Shanghai Municipal Institute of Lifelong Education (a collaborative research center established by the Shanghai Adult Education Commission and ECNU)

Associate professor Deen Liu, Inst of Vocational and Adult Education, ECNU

Project partner(s) in Denmark: Assoc prof Jørgen Rafn, Roskilde University

Prof Helge Søndergård, Roskilde University

SDC Teaching involvement Available for supervision in relevant topics.
Overall research interests Lifelong Learning – i.e. learning in formal education as well as learning in everyday life, work life environments, professions etc. My interests are mainly the implications for learning theory (learning in social context) and the implementation of policies of lifelong learning in different societal environment
Publications 1.     East and West: Explorations in Research on Work and Learning. / Olesen, Henning Salling; Huang, Jian. In: Frontiers of Education in China, Vol. 5, Nr. 3, 09.2010.

2.     Researching Work and learning for development in multiple contexts : Guest Editorial. / Olesen, Henning Salling; Huang, Jian. In: Journal of Workplace Learning, Vol. 24, Nr. 7/8, 2012.

3.     Is there a European and an Asian way of learning : If so, will the difference sustain?. / Olesen, Henning Salling.2011. Paper presented at Exploring Leadership & Learning Theories in Asia, Penang, Malaysia, and at 7th International Conference on Researching Work and Learning, Shanghai, Kina.

4.     SOME CONTRADICTIONS IN THE CONCEPT OF COMPETENCE AS THEY APPEAR IN COMPETENCE ASSESSMENT/VALIDATION OF PRIOR LEARNING. Paper discussed in the annual workshop of ECNU and RUC, to be presented on the 9th int. conference Researching Work and Learning, Singapore 2015

5.     The invention of a new language of competence – a necessary tool for a lifelong learning policy.Linkages of VPL: Validation of Prior Learning as a multi-targeted approach for maximising learning opportunities for all. red. / Ruud Duvekot; Dae Joong Kang; Jane Murray. Vught : EC-VPL, 2014. s. 37-44 (VPL Biennale , Vol. 2).

6.      2015. Paper presented at Annual workshop, Shanghai, Kina.

Non-academic research partners Shanghai government (status of province in the Peoples Republic of China). Baosteel (a major industrial corporation).
Scheduled activities 2016 Publication: Life History approach to adult learning

Research workshop – exchange and discussion of ongoing research