Hanne Petersen

Title: Professor Dr. Jur.
Home institution: University of Copenhagen, Center for Comparative and Constitutional Studies (CECS), Faculty of Law

Studiegården, Studiestræde 6, 1455 Kbh. K

+45 35323132, +45 5157679, hzb676@ku.dk

SDC Research field: Public Management & Social Development
SDC research project(s):


Family Dynamics in Post-Industrial Societies. (Re)making Middle Class Families, China-Denmark


Cases on changing legal cultures from China-Greenland-Denmark

The project seeks to study global and local interrelations related to changing understandings and changing normative regimes of well-fare/-being. The focus is on changing legal cultures related to three issues:

1. Discourse and cases on the potential of an emerging global normative culture due to climate change in China and the Arctic/Greenland (harmony and survival)

2. Pressures on families and (gendered) individuals to provide welfare and well-being in light of the importance of market economy and increasing inequality in China and EU/Denmark-Greenland

3. Concerns about the welfare of overseas Chinese labor migrants – specifically but not only related to mining in Greenland/the Arctic


Project partner(s) in China: Informal cooperation with China University of Political Science and Law in Beijing
Overall research interests: I am interested in a combination of empirical and theoreticals issues: legal theory, legal pluralism, legal culture and  I have worked with fields of gender and law, labour law, indigenous issues and sustainability, law and religion and law and art. All of these issues have both local, European and global aspects
Publications: Normative and Legal Pluralism in a Global Context – Arctic and Asian Bearings. In Retfaerd Special issue: Legal Pluralism, no. 4, 2015, p.3-18

Gender, Creative Assimilation and Emerging Links and Patterns in The Global Arctic.

Examples from Greenland, China and Denmark/Europe. (In Lahey, K et al (eds.) Arctic/Northern Women: Situating Law and Justice in Development and Gender Equality forthcoming with Cambridge Scholars Press, 2016)


Scheduled activities 2016: U of Cph Course in “Chinese legal culture in European and Danish perspective – business law in focus and context.” (Spring 2016); continued research & publication