Christian Nielsen

Title: Professor
Home institution: Business Model Design Center

Department of Business and Management, Aalborg University

Fibigerstræde 11-58, 9220 Aalborg Ø, Denmark

P: +45 99402702   M: +45 61316333   E:

SDC Research field: Innovation Management
SDC research project(s):


 Uncovering Business Model Configurations in Danish and Chinese comparative companies

We conduct two  exploratory business model innovation workshops with Chinese companies, students and entrepreneurs using established methods of innovating companies. One of these workshops will be a Business Model BUZZ. We document the processes and results thoroughly: and use the results to provide indications of the effects of contextual factors on business model innovation.


Project partner(s) in China: Professor Chaoying TANG, UCAS
SDC teaching involvement: Innovation Management
Overall research interests: Christian Nielsen, Ph.d., is Professor at Aalborg University in Denmark. He is Research Director of Business Model Design Center (BMDC: Christian has previously worked as an equity strategist and macro economist focusing specifically on integrating Intellectual Capital and ESG factors into business model valuations. He has worked extensively with business models both as a researcher and as an analyst and has turned his focus to innovating, rejuvenating and optimizing business models. Christian Nielsen has a substantial number of international publications to his record and his research interests concern the commercialization of innovative ideas, business model taxonomies, evaluating and measuring the performance of existing business models and governance perspectives. One of Christian’s strengths research-wise is his ability to apply both quantitative and qualitative methods and to utilize these methods simultaneously.


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