Christian Byrge Sørensen

Title: Associate Professor
Home institution: Aalborg University,
SDC Research field: Innovation Management
SDC research project(s): Innovation and Creativity

The core idea of the project is to study the influence of creativity training on innovative competences and innovative behaviour.

Project partner(s) in China: PhD, ChaoYing Tang, School of Management, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
SDC Teaching involvement The Concepts of Value Chain and Innovation Value Chain
Overall research interests My focus of research is on creativity with a particular focus on the enhancement of creativity through various kinds of the training. This research includes studies on an individual, a team, an organisational as well as an intercultural level. I am particularly interested in the part of creativity research and practice that relates to change in behavioral and thinking. My publications range from practitioner books, specific tools, instruction videos, lecture videos, scientific books and scientific articles. As part of my research I invent new practices, exercises, models and processes that are oriented towards practitioners. These include The Creative Platform, 3D Didactic and Embodied Creativity Training Program. These inventions are used by 100.000+ practitioners in Denmark and internationally.
Publications Embodied creativity training : Effects on creative self-efficacy and creative production. / Byrge, Christian; Tang, Chaoying. Thinking Skills and Creativity, Vol 16, p. 51-61. 2015

Enhancing creativity for individuals, groups and organizations. / Byrge, Christian; Hansen, Søren. Frydenlund Academic. 199 pages. 2014

Developing a creative and innovative organisational culture: Experiences from continuous embodied creativity training. / Byrge, Christian; Osmundsen, Rune Frøsig; Tang, Chaoying. 2013