Christian Albrekt Larsen

Title: Professor
Home institution:

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Aalborg University, Department of Political Science

Fibigerstræde 1, 9940 8214

SDC Research field: Public Management and Social Development:
SDC research project(s): Investment in childcare and human capital formation (supervisor of PhD-project)
Project partner(s) in China: Professor Linxiu Zhang, the Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy (,
SDC Teaching involvement Welfare State Challenges and Social Reforms
Overall research interests Christian Albrekt Larsen is professor in comparative welfare studies (2010-), doctor in sociology (2014-), PhD in political science (2005-) and master in Public Administration (2000-). He is located at the Center for Comparative Welfare Studies ( at Aalborg University, which he currently coordinates (2014-2015). He has published a number of books and articles primarily about the Danish and Nordic welfare state.
Publications Larsen, C.A (2013). The Rise and Fall of Social Cohesion. The Construction and De-construction of Social Trust in the US, UK, Sweden and Denmark. Oxford University Press

Larsen, C. A. (2006). The Institutional Logic of Welfare Attitudes. How Welfare Regimes Influence Public Support. Hampshire, Ashgate.

 Larsen, C. A. (2014) “Breaking Societies: Inequality and Social Cohesion”, Juncture. Vol. 20, no. .3

Larsen, C. A. & Dejgaard, T. E. (2013). ”The Institutional Logic of Images of the Poor and Welfare Recipients. A Comparative Study of British, Swedish and Danish Newspapers”, Journal of European Social Policy. Vol. 23, no. 3, 287-299

Larsen, C.A & P. Vesan (2012). “Why Public Employment Services Always Fail. Double-sided asymmetric information and the placement of low-skill workers in six European countries”, Public Administration vol. 90, no. 4, p. 466-479

Larsen, C. A. (2011). ”Ethnic Heterogeneity and Public Support for Welfare: Is the American Experience Replicated in Britain, Sweden and Denmark?” Scandinavian Political Studies, vol 34, nr. 4, s. 332-353.

Larsen, C. A. & J. Goul Andersen (2009). ‘How Ideas Changed the Danish Welfare State. The Case of Neo-liberal Ideas and highly Organised Social Democratic Interests’. Governance: An International Journal of Policy, Administration and Institutions vol 22, no. 2 p. 239-261

Scheduled activities 2016 Fulbright scholar at City University, New York, US.