Antje Vetterlein

Title: Associate Professor
Home institution: Department of Business and Politics, Copenhagen Business School
SDC Research field: Public Management and Social Development
SDC Teaching involvement Courses (coordinator): Comparing Societies and Economic Systems; Individually-Studied Subject; MA Thesis Semester
Overall research interests I received my PhD in Social and Political Sciences from the European University Institute. Before joining CBS, I was lecturer at the University of Oxford and the University of Essex. My research is located within international political economy with particular interests in global governance, the politics of development and the relationship between economy and society focusing on political actors and practices at the transnational level and the role of ideas and norms in international politics. Specifically, I study international organizations and multinational corporations, and questions of legitimacy and responsibility in international politics. I am currently leading a project for instance, entitled Responsibility in World Politics, that takes a much broader – political science – perspective on CSR as a contested international norm. My work often draws upon sociological approaches and methodology in order to understand the micro-foundations of political processes and formations on a macro scale.
Publications Vetterlein, A. and M. Moschella (2014) ‘International Organizations and Organizational Fields: Explaining Policy Change in the IMF’, European Political Sciences Review 6(1): 143-165.

Vetterlein, Antje (2012) ’Seeing Like the World Bank on Poverty’, New Political Economy 17(1): 35-58.

Park, S. and A. Vetterlein (2010) Owning Development: Creating Global Policy Norms in the IMF and the World Bank, Cambridge University Press. (paperback in 2012)

Brown, Dana L., A. Vetterlein and A. Roemer-Mahler (2010) ‘Theorizing Transnational Corporations as Social Actors: An Analysis of Corporate Motivations’, Business and Politics 12(1): 1-39.

Vetterlein, A. (2007) ‘Economic Growth, Poverty Reduction and the Role of Social Policies. The Evolution of the World Bank’s Social Development Approach’, Global Governance 13: 513-533.