Anders Villadsen

Title: Associate professor
Home institution: Aarhus University

Department of Management



Phone: +45 50713090

SDC Research field: Public Management and Social Development
SDC research project(s):


Heterogeneous Business Regimes

Business Groups and Organizational Structures

Existing projects: We have explored the role of political ties for Chinese firms and business groups. Especially we have been interested in the difference between ties to different levels of government

Future projects: public sector organization and management in the Chinese context.

Project partner(s) in China: Partners as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Kunming School of Economics and Finance, Tsinghua University
Project partner(s) in Denmark: Jakob Arnoldi, AU
SDC teaching involvement: Co-teach ‘Organization and Management’ in PMSD program. Supervise master’s theses and internships.
Publications: Arnoldi, J. & Villadsen, A.R. (2015). Political ties of listed Chinese Companies, Performance effects, and moderating institutional factors. Management and Organization Review. 11(2): 217-236