Value Chain Innovation

Title of project: Value Chain Innovation
Project group: Innovation Management
Year of commencement: 2012
Project introduction:




The study focuses on multiple systemic linkages between R&D, production and services networks of firms. We argue that unraveling these linkages is crucial for advancing our understanding of value creation and management in the global context. In order to yield richer insights into how value networks can be organised on the global scale, this study reaches beyond the traditional functional split and reflects not only on the developments within functional networks but also on how they relate to each other. How are production, R&D and service footprints interrelated? How can Danish and Chinese firms innovate interfaces between these value network activities? How and why does production still matter for innovation capabilities? These are among the key questions addressed in this research initiative.
Primary contact person: Dmitrij Slepniov, Associate Professor, IM HEP

Aalborg University

Department of Business and Management

Fibigerstraede 4, 9220 Aalborg

+45 9940 8992

Fellow project partners: Xiaobo WU, Professor, Zhejiang University

Jian DU, Associate Professor, Zhejiang University

Jun JIN, Associate Professor, Zhejiang University

Brian V. Waehrens, Associate Professor, Aalborg University

Peder V. Søberg, Postdoc, Aalborg University

Erik Skov Madsen, Associate Professor, Southern Denmark University

SDC research project affiliation: PhD project on Building Global Mandate for Research & Development Centers in China (David Schulzmann, PhD candidate, Aalborg University with Associate prof. Dmitrij Slepniov and Prof. Olav Jull Sørensen as supervisors)
Non-academic research partners: Companies in the network of collaborating partners include Grundfos, Danfoss, Gabriel, Damstahl, Yingli Solar, Geely, Huawei) and gvt. and non-gvt. Institutions (Trade council of the Danish Embassy, Innovation Center Denmark in Shanghai, DCCC, IFU)
Home institution: Aalborg University

Department of Business and Management

Fibigerstraede 4, 9220 Aalborg

+45 9940 8992


Host institution: Zhejiang University

National Institute for Innovation Management
11 Floor Adm. Building, Zijingang Campus, Yuhangtang Rd., 310058 Hangzhou, China

+86 57188206892


Even though the project is conducted together with Zhejiang University, UCAS researchers are also involved in some of the project activities


Scheduled project activities: Project activities in 2017 include: Field work in China, project meetings (in Q1 and Q4) and dissemination activities (SDC Seminar in Q3, Corporate Innovation Day with collaborating companies)