4th semester: Master Thesis (PMSD)

Thesis content

The thesis is the final element in the programme. It should be governed by a student-developed problem statement which is relevant to the programme. It should show that the student is able to formulate and delimit a research problem, and that the student can design and carry out an inquiry suitable to the problem at hand by

  1. presenting, discussing and evaluating social science literature relevant to the problem,
  2. selecting and applying appropriate social science methods, and
  3. compiling and analyzing suitable empirical data.

Based on this the student should be able to draw substantiated conclusions and discuss the quality of the thesis findings.

The thesis can be done in collaboration with an organization, focusing on a topic of particular interest to that organization. However, the thesis is evaluated solely on academic merits.


Learning Objectives

After having completed the Master’s thesis process, the student must be able to:

  • Formulate, delimit and operationalize a research question in the area of public management and social development
  • Select, critically discuss and use relevant theories and scientific methods
  • Collect, critically discuss and use relevant empirical material
  • Reflexively document the analysis and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the thesis
  • Present the results of the analysis in a logically coherent, structured and linguistically adequate manner, both written and orally