4th semester: Master Thesis (30 ECTS)

The aim of the thesis work is to demonstrate that the student can work on a high theoretical level and in a systematic manner use scientific methods to problems within innovation management that are theoretical or practical in nature. The thesis must demonstrate competence working with scientific theories and methods within a specified subject of innovation management. The subject must have a complexity and an extent so it can be completed during one semester.

The thesis may be theoretical or theoretical/practical in nature. Students may establish a partnership with a company or an organization with the purpose of identifying and solving problems within management of innovation using scientific procedures and methods. The students will be provided with guidance during the thesis, having a Danish as well as a Chinese supervisor.

Learning Objectives

After having completed the Master’s thesis the student must be able to

  • Identify and define a complex and relevant innovation management problem (theoretical or theoretical-practical in nature) with important practical (policy and/or strategic) implications and potential for theoretical contribution
  • Identify and apply relevant theories that can be used for building a conceptual framework for the analysis of the identified innovation management problem
  • Identify and compare relevant scientific methods and prepare a design for selection, collection and analysis
  • Develop solutions and demonstrate implications based on the findings of the analyses
  • Work independently and assume academic responsibility for the learning that the project has resulted in
  • Demonstrate competence of and skills in scientific writing and oral presentation of the thesis and its findings

The thesis is an individual written assignment. The thesis has a length of a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 100 standard pages, excluding executive summary, references and annexes. Students should add a summary to the thesis in English.

The examination (defence) is oral, based on the thesis. It consists of the thesis presentation followed by a dialogue between the student and the examiners that make up the Thesis Defence Panel.

The oral examination lasts 60 minutes. The grade awarded must reflect an overall assessment of the written thesis and the oral defence. The assessment is made by the Thesis Defence Panel which includes an external examiner.

For more details about the thesis procedure please consult SDC Thesis Regulations 10 Steps.