Module 9: Semester Project II (7,5 ECTS)

The aim of the module is to further develop (from Semester Project I) the students’ skills in working problem-oriented in groups and solve real life innovation problems.
The module is based on identifying and analyzing real life innovation problems. The identified problem must be addressed by an activation of the theoretical insights gained in other modules and the methodological learnings from the module Research Methods. The students will be provided with guidance/supervision throughout the project period.
The theme for Semester Project II is the innovation problems and issues faced by companies and societies today as they were presented and discussed in the first three modules of the 2nd semester. The semester project is expected to deal with an issue related to the three modules and adopt a business models/strategic perspective as presented in the module Business Models and Strategic Planning.

Learning Objectives
Following the successful completion of the module the students will be able to
•    Formulate a complex problem in the area of innovation/innovation management with basis in reality highly exposed to global trends
•    Analyze the formulated problem using practical insights, scientific methods and theoretical reflections from the modules of the semester
•    Prepare and execute the empirical part of the project (data selection, collection and analysis) using the Methodology module
•    Develop solutions to the problem and communicate these through a project document
•    Experience and advance their understanding of working in diverse inter-cultural groups

Teaching Form
Students work in groups of up to five and each group is assigned a supervisor for discussing the topic to work on and subsequently support in relation to data collection, analysis, theoretical reflections and solutions.
The topic for the semester project is chosen by the students in consultation with supervisors and approved by the coordinator. The topic must be a real life problem to allow for theory-practice integration. Furthermore, it must be a problem that can be properly researched within the available time frame. Collaboration with companies is encouraged, but should be discussed with the supervisor to make sure that it is realistic to collaborate and compile the necessary data within the given time frame.