Module 7: Globalization and Innovation (5 ECTS)

The aim of the module is to give students knowledge on theories of economic globalization in general and specific theories of internationalization of companies focusing on the internationalisation of innovation activities.
The focus of the module is on the internationalization of innovation/R&D and how global innovation networks are organized and managed in an intercultural context.

Learning Objectives
Following the successful completion of the module the students will be able to
•    Understand and reflect on the major dimensions, stages, drivers and meanings of globalization
•    Understand and reflect on how companies fit within the context of globalization and organize their activities across borders
•    Critically ponder and synthesize internationalization theories in relation to innovation/R&D activities of firms
•    Use tools and techniques needed for organizing innovation activities on the global scale

Teaching Form
Teaching takes place through lectures, seminars and cases. Furthermore, the theoretical elements of the course are linked to practical action through a written group assignment that is performed throughout the course.