Module 6: Innovation Systems and Government-Business Relations (5 ECTS)

The aim of the module is to provide students with knowledge of theories of innovation systems and how companies are embedded in and can take advantage of such systems. The module has a special focus on government-business relations, including policies of innovation promotion and university-business relations. The module presents contemporary theories of innovation systems in different perspectives (Global, National, Regional, Sectoral, Clusters) and illustrates their interplay with innovation at a business- and organizational level. Innovation systems are furthermore analyzed from a policy perspective, in order to support the development of innovation systems.

Learning Objectives
Following the successful completion of the module the students will be able to
•    Analyze and reflect on the concept of innovation system and apply it at different analytical levels
•    Conduct analysis and evaluation of innovation systems’ development, dynamics and opportunities for change through policy formulation
•    Understand and reflect on innovation management strategies within an innovation system perspective
•    Account for and explain the roles of government in business activities of firms
•    Understand and critically assess different strategies businesses can pursue in relation to governments

Teaching form
Teaching takes place through literature, lectures, and possibly seminars and case studies.