Module 5. The Innovation Value Chain (5 ECTS)

The aim of the module is to define and map the complete Innovation Value Chain and acquire knowledge of and skills in analyzing the core/critical operational steps of the chain.

Teaching form
The module will introduce the concept of value chain and how it is used in mapping and analyzing the chain activities and the individual steps in the chain. The course is taught through traditional lectures and work on assignments related to the operational tools and methods used to analyze the steps in the value chain.

Learning objectives
Following the successful completion of the module the students will be able to
•    Understand the concept of innovation value chain, its components and their interrelationship
•    Define and analyze the operational steps in the innovation value chain from idea to commercialization
•    Understand the essence of creativity and how to apply creative tools in practice
•    Understand the importance of knowledge generation, patenting/IPR and technology markets
•    Assess the market potential and formulate the value proposition of the innovation