MA Programmes

Study your Master’s degree in China

Sino-Danish Center has gathered all Danish universities to collaborate with University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) on modern Master’s programmes.


In Social Science, SDC is running two Master Programmes, both programmes allow for a double degree from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) and Aalborg University (for Innovation Management programme) or Copenhagen Business School (for the Public Management and Social Development programme):

Innovation Management

Public Management and Social Development


By uniting researchers from nine different universities and two different countries we aim at developing cutting edge Master’s education. All programmes will be taught in English by Danish and Chinese researchers.

China has recently positioned itself as the world’s second largest economy. Not only business is developing rapidly in China also research activities have increased remarkably. Huge investments in research over the past years have created a strong research environment and made Chinese research institutions attractive to western researchers.

Unique opportunities for students at SDC

  • SDC works closely together with companies and organizations in China to offer students project work, internships and relevant work experience
  • Students at SDC are offered extracurricular Chinese language courses
  • Students at SDC will be part of an international learning environment studying together with Chinese and international students


Access to unique natural and human resources


The fact that the programmes are taught in China gives students and researchers the unique opportunity of:

  • accessing natural resources such as eight different climatic zones, some of the world’s most polluted lakes etc.
  • accessing societal resources and the possibility to draw data from a society with the worl’d largest population
  • working and studying together with elite Chinese researchers and students
  • accessing scientific machinery of a much larger scale than in Denmark

Danish quality

Danish quality


The SDC MSc programmes are accredited in both Denmark and China.

The Danish accreditation guaranties that the educational programme has the same quality as any other Master’s programme taught at Danish universities.
SDC MSc programmes are based on the principles of research-based education, fusing Danish and Chinese research with modern teaching and learning methods.

To ensure students influence on their own education a Student Forum (SF) with elected student representatives has been established.


Become a global pioneer

Be a pioneer


By joining one of the SDC Master’s programmes you will become a global pioneer as SDC is first of its kind worldwide. The fact that all universities in Denmark unite in an effort to establish research and education across borders gives SDC an incomparable strength. Through SDC researchers and students from many institutions and with very different backgrounds join forces in innovative collaboration.

As SDC student you will become a part of this exciting global project. You will work in a group of dedicated researchers and students who all share the will to create something brand new. You will have the chance of influencing the creation of an important linkage between Denmark and China.


Improved job opportunities

The fact that SDC candidates have detailed knowledge of the linkages and differences between Danish and Chinese societies makes them especially attractive to Danish companies and organisations carrying out activities in China.

To ease the way into the labour market for future SDC candidates, collaboration with industries will be incorporated in the Master’s programmes. This gives students a great chance to combine theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience throughout their studies. Private companies are thought to take part in SDC’s educational activities through internships and stipends.

More information on SDC teaching programmes: