Intro week with new students

This year we are delighted to see the goal for a 50-50 Chinese and Danish-International class room met!cn-students-at-dinner

14 talented Chinese students joined the program.

Danish-International students include a Swede, a Norwegian, a Dutch student, two Latvians, and 10 Danes making up a total of 15, half of whom already speak Mandarin Chinese and more are learning, truly a gift to the programme.

These are all students passionate about social development and innovation ready to dive into the sometimes muddy waters of government, society, and business dynamics.

Team work makes the dream work

building-a-towerGroup dynamics and communicating expectations were a main focus during the week, starting off with the seemingly impossible challenge of building a sturdy tower out of 1 newspaper.

Because working together across a gap of cultural differences, be they individual social and academic backgrounds or the very different Chinese and Danish learning and teaching styles, also complicates things.

If mastered there is so much to gain, if not addressed a potential source of discomfort and conflict. So it isn’t surprising that former students identify the cross cultural group work as both the toughest and the most valuable experience during their time at SDC.

Field work in a diverse local community in Beijing was extremely successful highlighting social development issues such as the workings of local public management institutions, migration and the motivations behind it, urbanization, urban development and hukou induced inequality. Why? Because of the pooled academic and language resources of the students.