Updating your profile

In order to generate valuable and reliable information for its members and external audience it is of great priority for SDC Social Science that its online member and project profiles are regularly updated.

It is therefore requested of the members that they update their content through the online forms. This will also be a prerequisite to successfully apply for further funding.

Registration of Updated Information

As seen on the picture, place the mouse over the [ACTIVITIES] menu and choose Registration.


Here you choose the relevant form, depending if it is a Researcher, PhD Candidate, Research Project or PhD Project you would like to update. For example, if you want to update your publication list on your research profile, please choose the “New SDC Social Science Researcher” form.

Fill out the name/title fields and relevant field(s) that needs to be updated. Then click [SUBMIT].

After this the website administrator will upload it to the correct profile.

If information on partners needs to be updated, the relevant forms are also found under the Registration page.


Please include a link to every publication you upload in order that interested parties will be able to retrieve the publication if interested.

In case of a NEW PUBLISHING, it would be much appreciated if you create a news post in order that all members will be able to see what is happening. Feel free to include a picture in the post.

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