Staying in contact

At SDC Social Science we try to keep each other updated academically, professionally and socially. Some of the tools are:

WeChat – Is a messaging tool for smartphones. It extends a normal SMS service by functionalities such as being able to follow other people and the “moments” they share.
Furthermore, you can make groups around a common theme. Many from SDC Social Science have created these kinds of groups to be able to keep updated.
If you are situated outside Beijing, it can be a good idea to let your WeChat groups know when you are traveling there in order to be able to meet up.

Calendar – The SDC Social Science Calendar is both used as a generic display of events under SDC Social Science and as an internal tool, once you have logged in, to register when one is in Beijing for those living in a different city or abroad. In this way it will be easier to plan travels and meetings with each other in order to enhance transparency and efficiency.

Help regarding submitting Calendar Events can be found under Help under the [ACTIVITIES] menu.