Add News Posts

After logging in to the website you are able add postings yourself that will be featured on the front page and on the news page under the Activities menu.

add-posts If you place the mouse over the News option under the Activities menu, the item [Add a News Post] will appear.

Please click on this item.

Please fill out the form and preferably add an image by clicking the [Choose Featured Image] button in the bottom of the page. Images add greater visibility to your posts.

Add ImagePlease choose the [Upload Files] option and choose the image of your choice from the location where you have stored it.





Please make sure to choose the relevant category for your posting. The category decides where your posting is going to appear on the sdc-socialscience website. For example, if it is a News and events item it will appear on the front page and under the news section. If the posting is only usefull for PhD Candidates then choose PhD Wall and it will only appear there.


Please remember to click the [Submit] button when you are finished filling out. Otherwise all the inputted information will be lost once you navigate away from the formular.

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