Add Calendar Events

After logging in you will be able not only to see internal events that otherwise are hidden for the public, but you will also be able to submit events yourself directly from the interface.

Calendar - page

The Calendar is found by placing the mouse on the [ACTIVITIES] menu and clicking on the Calendar option.

Event Submission
Scrolling down below the calendar view, the form for event submission allows you to upload simple events on your own.

You will need to input:
Event title, short description, start and end date/time, select a venue and choose a category before submitting the event.


If the venue is different to ones already existing in the drop-down menu, then please write the web admin with the details of the venue and they will be added to the event.


The different categories are there to help filter through the purpose of the event:

  • News and events: Events that are relevant for the general public
  • Academic activities: Conferences, academic workshops, collective research activities etc.
  • On campus: Only shown internally, help getting an overview of when people are present at UCAS
  • Other…: Events that do not fall within the other categories
  • Social activities: Social gatherings for SDC participants
  • Teaching activities: Teaching activities that are outside the normal curriculum of the master programmes

Visibility and Pictures:

In terms of visibility, please note, if the event is not supposed to be publically displayed please write the web administrator an e-mail and (s)he can make it only accessible to users that are logged in.

We would love to have pictures or graphic material relevant for the activities. Please feel free to upload this with the event.