Guest talk by Ditlev Tamm

West meets East in the field of law – A Western lawyer’s reflections on Western Law and Chinese law

On November 4th the SDC was very happy to host Prof. Ditlev Tamm from Copenhagen University for a revealing and lively guest talk about various aspects of Western law and Chinese law and what happens when the two systems come together.


Ditlev Tamm is a professor of law with a specialty in legal history and comparative law. He teaches at the University of Copenhagen. He is a doctor of both law and humanities and has written several books and articles on Danish and European legal History, on cultural history, politics, ballet and South American Literature. He is a member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. He has for many years had a great interest in Chinese culture and is currently president of the SC Van Foundation, which generously awarded quite a number of grants to SDC’s students.