Call for Applications – Student Fieldtrip Projects

HEP Fund for Student Fieldtrip Projects 

This Call for Application invites PMSD students to apply for financial support to be able to pursue study-related fieldtrips with the potential (not a necessity) to use these trips to engage in data collection and other exploration of sites linked to the First Semester Project. This financial support is pending on the selection of project proposals, which falls in two categories:

  • The first prize will be awarded 5,000 RMB.
  • The second prize will be awarded 4,000 RMB.

The selection process will be based on the quality of the project proposal. The two prizes will be awarded for the best ideas. The proposal should include the core idea of the fieldtrip and how it  relates to PMSD. Furthermore, we would like to hear more about the main purpose and how you envisage to carry out your fieldtrip, that is practical information as well as a budget.


Application process

The application process will be competitive. Proposals are evaluated by a Selection Committee.

1. Call for application: September 22nd , 2016
2. Application deadline: October 12th , 2016
3. Announcement of selected students: October 19th , 2016

Selection criteria:
1. level of innovation and creativity of the idea (max. 2 pages)
2. suitability of the proposed project/activity in a PMSD context

Application documents:

  • application detailing the activity/idea and the motivation behind
  • draft budget including other funds potentially raised
  • list of names of applicants/organizers

Applications should be sent via email to Madeleine (

Please find the flyer here: call-for-application-hep-fund-2016