Join to strengthen your methods skills and to be presented with the increasing number of new methods which are developing not least due to major technological innovation.


28 October  – 1 November 2019


Kasper Møller Hansen & Asmus Leth Olsen, Copenhagen University

Lars Bo Kaspersen & Lasse F. Henriksen, Copenhagen Business School


The participants must hold a degree in social science. They must be familiar with theories and methods within social sciences.

It is expected that the participants have read the prescribed reading and take part in class discussions. They need to attend the whole course in order to receive a diploma. In particular, this course targets doctoral students who work within organizational studies, economic sociology, political economy, international political economy, business history, business studies, and innovation studies. However, anyone who fulfills the requirements is welcome!

The paper

Each of the participants must produce a paper about their methods applied in their PhD projects. The paper is due 1 October 2019. Please send it to Lars Bo Kaspersen

Travel Stipends

The course is open to all PhD students on the terms listed above. The Principal Coordinator of the SDC Social Sciences offers 6 travel stipends of 6000 DKK each. The stipends can be applied by non-SDC financed PhD students enrolled on the course. SDC financed PhD students must cover their cost of travel and accommodation within their overall budgets.

Applications for travel stipends should be sent to Katja Høeg Tingleff – – no later than 15 September 2019. Principal Coordinator Stine Haakonsson will soon thereafter decide upon the distribution of stipends.

The event will take place at the SDC building at:
Eastern Yanqihu campus of the University of Chinese Academy of Science
380 Huaibeizhuang, Huairou district, Beijing